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Antarctic Regions
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Antarctic Regions

The Antarctic Region occupies the southernmost area of our planet, including the Antarctic continent, and the surrounding southern parts of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans, with their islands and archipelagoes.

The conventional borders are at 48-60 o of southern latitude.
It occupies the area of 52.5 million sq. km.
The Antarctic region includes the Antarctic continent, which occupies the area of 14 million sq. km.
A number of islands (Kerguelen, Southern Georgia, Kroze) are included in the region.
The Antarctic continent includes the seas of Ross, Weddell, Bellingshausen, and other.
In the winter the Antrarctic region is surrounded with 500 to 2,000 km of ice.
In the summer ice is carried North by giant icebergs.
Icebergs are fragments of the Antarctic ice shield.
The Antarctic region has the coldest climate on the Earth.
Vegetation is underdeveloped.

Antarctic Region