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Arctic Regions
Antarctic Regions
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Arctic Regions

The Arctic Region is the northernmost part of the world, and includes the outer edges of the European, Asian, and American continents, and the entire Arctic Ocean with its islands.

The Arctic region borders the Northern Polar Circle from the south (66o33').
The Arctic climate is harsh, with an average July temperature at +10o centigrade. It occupies the area of 21 million sq. km. (10 million sq. km. is land, and 11 million sq. km. - water).
Day long polar day is changed with a polar night for half a year (at the pole).
Average yearly temperature is below freezing.
Average summer air temperature is close to freezing.
Most of the year, precipitation is in the form of snow.
Ice covers the waters in the region.
There are no trees on land, with the exception of dwarf varieties.
Arctic region is divided into five sectors, with the borders of Russia, the US, Canada, Norway, and Denmark serving as the base borders, the meridians serving as the side borders, and the top being the North Pole.

Arctic Region