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The interview with the Sergey Mikhailov, the Chairman of the Board of Guardians of Charitable Fund УUchastieФ, one of the investors of the project УNorth Pole-32Ф.

..To be for the first time in the Arctic Ocean not far from North Pole is a stunning impression for the whole life. But the most strong impression is Ц people, the real heroes, that are ready with pleasure to spend the whole year in this Kingdom of Cold. I suppose that it is the most great discovery in human factor that IТve made. all in Russian

Expeditionary plans on 2006 year

The centre Polus began its season in 2006 with the organization of logical support of BorgeТs Ousland and MikeТs Horn expedition. Within the limits of the first part the centre Polus improve cooperation with the agency Vikaar have... read all

Archive of news Barneo-2006
The camp Barneo is equipped with new comfortable tents. Thick doors of the tents provide good protection from draughts and retain warmth. An experimental model of the tent was successfully tested in practice at BARNEO-2005...read all

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