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  • About of the campaign of Monaco Prince Albert II to North Pole from base Barneo the Russian electronic mass-media, on april, 16-17th 2006.
    The reporting of the program "Segodnya" broadcasting companies of NTV
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    The reporting of the program "Vremya" of a broadcasting company of ORT
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    The reporting of the program of "Vesti" All-Russia the telebroadcasting company
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    The reporting of the program "Segodnya" broadcasting companies of NTV
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  • Nauka zdorovya, 11 May 1 June, 2006
    ...Albert II, 48 years old Prince of Monaco, became the first head of state who had been on the North Pole. By this expedition he to did homage to his great-great-grandfather Albert I, who had begun the campaign for investigation of North Pole but had never been there.(all in Russian)

  • Tverskaya-13, 13 January, 2005
    ...Annushka made almost 1.5 thousand flight from the heart of Antarctic region to the coast and landed near the station MacMurdo. Our little aviation again proved that it could work in any even very hard conditions commented upon this flight Artur Chilingarov(all in Russian)

  • Trud, 12 November, 2005
    Before the New Year the group of Russian polar explorers had gone to the South Pole to renew left there three years ago compact one-motor aircraft An-3. Repairers brought spare parts with them and new motor. (all in Russian)

  • Tverskaya-13, 30 December, 2004
    ...12 specialists flew to the South Pole at once and started to examine the aircraft An-3, that had been left in 2001 near the American station Amundsen-Scott because of some problems with the restart of the motor. (all in Russian)

  • "Polarnyi krug", 31 March, 2004
    Every 3 hours Vladimir Koshelev tried to report about the situation on the block of ice to Artur Chilingarov, the leader of the expedition and of the evacuating operation of SP-32. The rescues headquarter to the participants of the drift was made in the building on the Okhotny Ryad in the chamber of leading polar explorer of the country(all in Russian)

  • "Izvestiya", 7 February, 2003
    our government has no money for building a polar station. Thats why it will be built by the initiative of the deputy of State Duma, the polar explorer Artur Chilingarov, using the donators' money.(all in Russian)

  • "-Voskresehie", 11-17 May, 2003
    we dont throw garbage about. We burn what is possible to burn, and the rest we pack in bags, so we are able to take it to the continent. The region of North Pole is one of the most ecologically clean places on the earth.(all in Russian)

  • The weekly journal "Vesti"
    Except An-74, kukurusnichek and two helicopters there was also radio-controlled airplane model flying over the North Pole. This model became unique and got into The Guinness Book of Records as well as it was the first. (all in Russian)

  • The Magazine Itogi, 27 May, 2003
    those people who opened SP-32 Ilia Klebanov, Anatoliy Kvashin, Oleg Tolkachyov, Nikolay Laverov and others were proud of their country. (all in Russian)

  • "Sovetskaja Russia", 8 July, 2003
    Alexander Valentinovish Orlov (polar navigator in the past), the member of Arctic community, hardly believes that Russia must not only keep its presence in Arctic region but also reestablish its priority in this region. (all in Russian)

  • "Novoperedelkino", 5 (77) May-June, 2003
    The participant of the expedition to the North Pole, the councilor of regional assembly of Novo-Peredelkino area, Ernest Makarenko placed the flag of Novo-Peredelkino region on the Norht Pole. (all in Russian)

  • "Polarnyi krug", 23 May, 2003
    Eight from twelve polar explorers made a landing 150km from the North Pole, set up tents, made minima arrangement in tents and began to accept the loads that had been delivered here before by the airplane IL-76. (all in Russian)

  • "Rossijskaja gazeta", 14 Oktober, 2003
    ...out of summer impressions I can recollect the visit of ice-breaker Yamal with tourists. We havent seen the ship itself, it couldnt force his way, but the helicopter has come flying and brought lumber and fresh vegetables and water-melons. (all in Russian)

  • "Sovetskaja Russia", 11 November, 2003
    The second polar exhibition of young painter Sergey Panteleev (he is only 23 years old) is called Vozvraschenie (it means return). It is our return to the Arctic region, and the main heroes for Sergey are polar explorers. (all in Russian)

  • "Inostranets", 5 February, 2002
    There are cutlets Po-kievski, chicken, meat, different garnish, fruits... The meal is prepared by professional cook. It is made from the deep frozen products. Alcohol is included as well. (all in Russian)

  • The russian journalists on Barneo

    The russian journalists on Barneo