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  • About of the campaign of Monaco Prince Albert II to North Pole from base Barneo the Russian electronic mass-media, on april, 16-17th 2006.
    The reporting of the program "Segonhya" broadcasting companies of NTV
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    The reporting of the program "Vremya" of a broadcasting company of ORT
    download video, 16 Мб

    The reporting of the program of "Vesti" All-Russia the telebroadcasting company
    download video, 11 Мб

    The reporting of the program "Segodnya" broadcasting companies of NTV
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  • The ice drifting panantarctic expedition.
    " Ice drifting panantarctic expedition" - the film showing hi-tech opportunities which the Forwarding center of Arctic regions and Antarctic "Pole" possesses, for the organization of platforms of ability to live in Arctic regions on drifting to an ice. Duration of video 6 minutes
    download video, 40.3 Мб

  • On Top of the World
    Every April the "Polus" expedition centre for the Arctic and Antarctic organizes short-term expeditions to the heart of the Arctic, near the Norht Pole. A temporary camp is set up on drifting ice, a runway is constructed and all necessary radiocommunication and navigation services are arranged.
    The guests of the Barneo ice field camp have a unique opportunity get to the top of the world: visit the geographic "North Pole", see the rugged and beautiful Arctic landscepes, walk along ice ridges, take to the air in a hot-air balloon, ride a dog-sled, and the rest in a comfortable common room and sleeping modules.
    Welcome to the ice camp "Barneo".
    download video, 84 Мб

  • Opening of the North
    Film about young artist Sergey Panteleev. The adherent of a realistic direction in S.Panteleev's fine arts some years develops a theme of the North. Two his northern cycles - "Valaam" and "Barneo" have been warmly met by public, have received benevolent responses of critics. The panoramic cloth the "Returning", devoted to opening of station of the joint venture-32, became a new stage in development by the artist of "northern theme". But not only Sergey Panteleev's painting became a subject of film - the artist reflects on art, the nature of creativity, about people who become heroes of pictures. Duration of film 24 min.
    download fragment, 12Мб

  • "Captain Dranitsyn" on Franz Josef land
    Icebreaking expedition on archipelago Franz Josef land - the most northern Russian territory located in a zone of polar deserts. The archipelago consisting of 191 islands, is famous for the "lunar" landscapes, vegetative oases, the bird's markets, rare animals, a diverse life of the sea. In the short polar summer travellers because it is rare here direct where still it is possible to meet such beauty landscapes, to see rather untouched nature, to feel " eternal silence " and cold breath of Arctic regions, in fact Franz Josef land is in 900 kilometers from North Pole. In the recent geological past it was one of the centers of integumentary congelations on a planet, therefore together with other Arctic islands and Antarctica the archipelago is a pantry of ecologically pure water - 85 % of its area borrow glaciers.
    download fragment, 10.2 Мб

  • Ice-Floe
    The documentary film "Ice-Floe" relates the story of the creation of the drifting station "North Pole - 32" (SP-32), which made its long 11-month journey in 2003-2004, 12 years after the last - 31st in number - Soviet station "North Pole" was closed.

    The organizers and participants of this large project tell the audience how it has occurred to them to regenerate the research work on the drifting ice of the Arctic Ocean and what they had to overcome to turn this idea into reality. They also describe the drift of the first Russian station North Pole - 32" and its dramatic ending. Duration of film 28 min.
    download fragment, 14 Мб

  • The chronicle of drifting stations 1937/2004
    The exhibition "The Chronicle of drifting stations 1937/2004" took place in February, 2005 in Moscows Association "Photocenter" on which unique pictures of drift and evacuation for the first time have been presented to first Russian Arctic station "North pole-32" (2003-2004). And also more 60 the photos which have embodied history of station "North pole-1" (1937-1938) from archives of the museum of Arctic regions and Antarctic.

    Parallels in history more than are pertinent: "joint venture-32" and "joint venture-1" were the first, they have passed about the same way, having overcome distances - 2850 and 3500 kilometers for, accordingly, 11 and 9 months. Both the help in evacuation was necessary for teams of polar explorers.

    Owing to the initiative of the coordinator of the project of Irina Orlova and support of the president "Associations of polar explorers of Russia" today can be seen Arthur Chilingarov, how lived and worked, as struggled with elements legendary four Papanins and our twelve contemporaries - "koshelevs".
    download fragment, 15 Мб